Best Dog Runs in North Brooklyn

We have you covered with almost all of the dog runs in Manhattan, but for those living in, or looking for a dog day in Brooklyn, here are some of the Best Dog Runs in North Brooklyn (from a contributing writer and Williamsburg local).

McCarren Park Dog Run

@12th Street and Driggs Avenue

How to Get There: Take the G to Nassau, walk to the entrance of McCarren park on the corner of Lorimer and Nassau. Head South to Driggs.

McCarren Dog Run is surrounded by beautiful McCarren Park, where you could spend all day just picnicking and occasionally taking your pooch back and forth from the park until they are utterly out of steam. McCarren Park is in a prime spot where Greenpoint and Williamsburg meet, and there is always lot to see. The dog run itself is usually filled with responsible people and plenty of dogs. Good for well-socialized breeds.

mccaren dog park mapRodney Street Dog Run (sometimes called BQE Dog Run)

Rodney @ Hope

How to Get There: L train to Lorimer Street, walk West to Rodney, turn left. Park is on your right at Hope and Rodney.

Wasn’t always a dog run, and it’s still not EXACTLY a park you’d spend your whole day in, but it’s definitely one of the better places to take your dog for a good run, especially if they’re the type to chase the ball for hours and never seem to tire. Though it’s next to Rodney Street just past a busy BQE exit, there are plenty of trees for dogs to sniff and lay down under, a grassy hill for you to rest on and talk with friends, and a really friendly, thirtysomething crowd of dog-centered Brooklyn folk who are mostly locals just there to get some quality bonding time in with their dogs. Beats the more prominent dog runs in North Brooklyn where the focus seems to be more on human socializing than dogs.

 Added bonus: Central location close to bars and restaurants, so you can go have lunch afterwards right around the corner at Café Argentino, where dogs are allowed to sit with patrons at the outdoor tables. Pets are also welcome at Barcade, a fun arcade bar a few blocks away.

Rodney Street Dog Run

McGolrick Park

@Russell Street and Nassau Avenue


How to Get There: Take the G to Nassau. Walk North on Nassau until you hit Russell.

Another dog park where patrons live in the area and actually take care of their dogs! The park is clean and well-known as a best kept secret. Worth the visit, especially if you’re in the neighborhood for some other reason. There are plenty of places to sit and relax. Easy to spend 2-3 hours there, then go explore some more of what North Brooklyn has to offer.

McGolrick Park