First look at the brand new Pier 26 Dog Run in Tribeca

pier 26 tribeca dog run fountainThe Pier 26 Dog Run on the in Tribeca segment of Hudson River Park opened today, and we got a first look at it. It was a quiet first day, as word is just getting out about the opening after years of planning and construction.

The dog run is divided into two sections, one for small dogs (under 23 pounds), and the other for larger dogs (over 23 pounds). The highlights of the run are the two water fountain areas (one for the small dog run and one for the big dog run) where dogs can frolic in the mini-fountains to cool down. The ground is a colored cement, has some clustered rock formations, and the run also features benches and umbrellas for people to get some shade as their dogs play.

The dog run will also be cleaned (and closed) every day from 10am-11am and 8:30pm-9:30pm.

The Pier 26 Dog Run, which had a budget of $400,000, is part of a larger Pier 26 complex that will have lawns, an Estuarium, a restaurant, and outdoor concerts. You can find Pier 26 between North Moore Street and Hubert Street on the far west side of Manhattan in Hudson River Park. The dog run is right in front by the bike path. At nearby Pier 25, there is also a kid’s playground that is being restored after being damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

pier 26 tribeca dog run

The pier 26 big dog run


Pier 26 small dog run

Pier 26 small dog run