Dog Trends: Swifto partners with Hotel 48Lex to offer dog walking to guests

Dog friendly hotels have become more and more common, as exemplified by the large list of dog friendly hotels in New York City among other places. However, even when you travel with your dog to a hotel, there are still a few logistical issues in a city like New York. Just because a hotel is dog friendly, does not mean the rest of your trip will be. Restaurants for the most part do not allow dogs inside, and things like tourist attractions or for example, Broadway shows, restrict pets as well. But your dog needs to get out at the least to pee/poop/exercise while you are enjoying the city. So dog walking service Swifto has partnered with a midtown hotel (Hotel 48Lex) to let guests seamlessly hire a dog walker during their stay.

Dog walkers are vetted by Swifto and allowed to pick up the dog at the hotel room, then dog walks are tracked by GPS and include a photo and a poop report.

From a press release: “This partnership is the first among many” says Penina First, CEO and Founder of Swifto. “We believe in first focusing on the quality of the dog walkers, and only then adding a layer of technology enabling the best dog walkers to do an even better job. Solving this problem hotels have been facing is crucial, and will allow even more hotels to offer true accommodation to our furry friends.”