Dog acupuncture? Reiki? Canine psychics? Yep – here is a look at healing therapy for NYC dogs

by Rainbow Kirby, Contributing Writer [Editor’s Note: We have not yet tried any of these services, but will report back if we do.]

The urban pooch has their fair share of stressors – from jackhammers on Second Avenue to blaring ambulances in the East Village to honking taxicabs in Midtown. And it’s not always a peaceful day in the dog park. Fortunately, there are some remedies in the city to enhance your dog’s chi and restore harmony once again.

Reiki Healing

Whether your pup is recovering from an injury or has been in a bit of a funk, New York Dog Nanny ( offers hands-on healing through Reiki, aromatherapy and hot oil treatments. What dog couldn’t use a tender touch? Visit their Lexington location or request a house call.

  • Price Range: Reiki, $40. Hot Oil Treatment, $20. Mani/Pedi, $20.
  • Location: 126 Lexington Ave, 2nd Floor
  • Phone:  917.261.7333

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Water Therapy

You’re not the only New Yorker wishing you had access to a rooftop pool. When your furry friend tires of the public fountains in the park, let them unwind with a swim at Water 4 Dogs ( They can splash with other dogs during Open Swim or book a private session for just the two of you. There’s nothing like the healing power of water.

  • Rates:  Initial Evaluation: $60; Single sessions from $35-$45: Packages from $315-$405
  • Location: 77 Worth Street, NYC
  • Call: 212.285.4900


Western medicine and alternative treatments are beginning to mesh with traditional veterinary practices. Acupuncture, once used primarily used to help mobility in older dogs, has shown results in alleviating ailments from allergies to heart disease to promoting increased vitality and lifespan. According to NYC-based Acupuncture for Your Dog, ( most dogs do not seem to even mind the needles.  Dr.Tracey Akner will administer to your pooch and she makes house calls, too.

  • Price Range: Available upon request
  • Location: 201C E. 33rd Street (bet 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
  • Phone: 212.991.8903


If you can’t read your dog’s mind, a pet psychic can help. Shira can communicate with both living and deceased pets and pinpoint why your dog is misbehaving. Located in Nyack, Shira ( will come to the NYC Metro area for groups and/or parties. She prefers dog photos though, as she has developed some pet allergies.

  • Rates: $100 for 30 mins.; $150 for 45 mins.; $200 for 1 hr.
  • Call Shira: 845.623.0880

Dr. Catherine Ferguson ( is a pet psychic who can help you discover what your dog really thinks about your relationship. How do they feel about the new baby? Are they upset that you’re working so much? If you’re visiting a New York City Affinia hotel with your canine, you can request Dr. Ferguson during your stay. Or receive a consultation via phone or in person at her office in New Jersey.

  • Rates: $60 for a 20-min. phone consultation; $70 for a 30-min consultation in person or via phone or email; $100 for 60 mins.
  • Contact Catherine: 201.433.7955; Email:


Know of any other unique services for dogs in NYC? Please share in the comments.