Donate to improve the Madison Square Park Dog Run!

One of the best dog runs in the city due to its size, community and its location in the beautiful Madison Square Park (and proximity to Eataly and the original Shake Shack) is in need of new gravel. The Madison Square Park dog run is apparently self-funded by donations, and not by the city or the park, so they need your help.

Learn ore and donate at


Dog photos with Santa at Petco this month

Christmas puppyYou can get a dog photo with Santa at Petco in NYC this month (you can even have yourself or your kids in the photo too). Check your local Petco but for the Union Square Petco, Santa will be there 12/8 from 11-5pm, and then on 12/14 and 12/21 from 1-4pm. They ask for a $8.95 donation which goes to the Petco Foundation to help support animals in need.

Call your local Petco to get hours for each location:


2013 Animal League America Celebrity Gala on Friday, November 22nd



One of the biggest and most glamorous pet charity events is happening on Friday, November 22nd in new York City. It’s the 2013 Animal League America Celebrity Gala, chaired by Beth and Howard Stern, with guest of honor Rachael Ray, and a performance by Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.

Money raised will go towards a new state-of-the-art Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption & Wellness Center at the North Shore Animal League, the largest no-kill shelter in the country. Felines you say…isn’t this a dog site? Yes, but at DogSpin we appreciate rescuing cats as well, AND by opening this feline center it opens up a lot more room to rescue dogs in the current shelter facility at North Shore Animal League. The feline center will be 14,000 square feet, have cage-free and outdoor surroundings, exam rooms, an adoption facility, a 24 hour nursery and a Respiratory Ward, Surgical Suite & Recovery Room. Sounds pretty amazing.

The gala event takes place at the Waldorf Astoria, with the red carpet and cocktails at 7pm, and then the program, dinner and then dancing starts at 8pm. More info and tickets at

East Village entrepreneur creates glove shaped dog Poop Mitts

poop mittsAfter years of fumbling with different bags and solutions for picking up dog waste, East Village entrepreneur Pablo Galarza created glove shaped Poop Mitts, with a thumb and all, to make the task a bit easier.

“I’ve literally tried every type of bag to pick up dog waste and I found having access to your thumb really helps,” says Pablo Galarza.

We tried them for a week and it’s definitely true that the opposable thumb really helps out for picking up dog poop. However somewhat different than other bags, we found it easier to throw away the poop and then the glove rather than taking the glove off with the poop still in your hand, because the width of the glove does not easily get around a larger poop pile when taking it off to throw it away. Overall they are really on to something here.

They have been giving out free samples, so check their Twitter for that. You can also buy some yourself at

Adopting a dog? Get free tickets to ANNIE on Broadway!

annieIf you were planning adopting a dog from a shelter, did you know you can get 2 free tickets to ANNIE on Broadway in November if you adopt by October 31st at a participating shelter?

From the press release: “ANNIE has always been a supporter of pet adoption. Animal trainer and Tony® Award Winner Bill Berloni conducted a nationwide search for a real-life shelter dog to play the role of Sandy, and discovered Sunny, who was plucked from a Houston shelter to train for the big role.

Just head down and take a look at the adoptable dogs at the following spots:

If you are adopting from a different shelter by October 31st, you may still be able to get the free tickets, so email if that’s your situation.

Also, for every ticket to Annie sold through December 31, 2013, PEDIGREE® Brand is donating $2, up to $1 million, to the PEDIGREE Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping dogs find loving homes.

3rd Annual Basset Hound Meetup happening in Prospect Park on Sunday Oct 27th

Fotolia_23419705_XSThe 3rd Annual Basset Hound Meetup is happening in Prospect Park (Brooklyn) on Sunday Oct 27th from 11:30am-2:30pm. Meet in front of the Gazebo in the Grand Army Plaza entrance to the Park, or just look for dozens of basset hounds;).

You can find out more info at, or just show up. It’s hosted by the North Park Slope Basset Association and is free to attend.

Bring your basset hound and meet some new people!

Dog friendly cafe in NYC: the Roasting Plant

by Breanna Foister, Contributing Writer

roasting plant from inside dogLike most other boutique coffee shops in the neighborhood, the Roasting Plant ( used to be entirely dog friendly.  Logan, my greyhound, would stretch out in front of the single origin coffee beans and lay there for hours while I chatted with neighbors and friends over coffee.  However, due to the Great NYC Health Department Crackdown of 2012, Logan and his furry friends are no longer allowed inside the shop.

The Roasting Plant maintains its dog friendliness as much as the Health Department will allow.  The staff keeps a stash of dog treats behind the counter, free to any dog owner who asks.  They also installed a hitch for leashes right outside the front door.  The large glass doors and windows make it easy to keep an eye on your pet from just about anywhere inside the tiny shop.  And if you plan to stay a while, outdoor benches lining the front of the Roasting Plant make it easy and pleasant to sip your coffee next to your pooch.

Plenty of dog owners (and dog lovers) frequent the Roasting Plant, so the atmosphere is friendly and social.  The variety of foot traffic at the bustling intersection of 11th Street, Greenwich Avenue, and 7th Avenue South makes for entertaining people- and dog-watching.  Stop by on your next stroll through the West Village and enjoy some quality coffee and quality time with your pet.

Orchard Street Store
81 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 775-7755, ext. 2

Greenwich Avenue Store
75 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10014
(212) 775-7755, ext. 3

roasting plant dogs

A husky enjoying the leaves of fall

With Fall upon us, we had to share this video of a husky playing in the leaves…

Blessing of the animals in New York City for 2013

Image from

This time of year at many of the churches in NYC do a special service to Bless the Animals around the time of the birthday St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. All are welcome (space permitting).

The biggest service is at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine (1047 Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West Side) on Sunday, October 6th, at 11 am, followed by the Fair on the Close, which features animal welfare, rescue, and environmental advocacy organizations at 1 pm. And it’s not just dogs – there have been turtles, foxes, and even camels! Note that to attend the service you need to get a general-seating pass, which is handed out beginning at 9:15 am (first-come, first-served). It should go without saying that you can bring your dog to the service. More info at

Other blessings that we know of:





Dogs in New York City Restaurants – what is the law?

Fotolia_51638831_XSWhat is the official law regarding dogs in new York City restaurants? Well we looked up the applicable section of the New York City Department of Health, under “ARTICLE 81: FOOD PREPARATION AND FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS“. (If there is another applicable piece of city or state law, please let us know.)

Food service establishments and non-retail food processing establishments; animals prohibited. No live animal shall be kept, housed or permitted to enter into or remain in any food service establishment or non-retail food processing establishment.
This section shall not apply to edible fish, crustacea, shellfish, fish in aquariums, seeing-eye dogs accompanying sightless persons, hearing or service dogs accompanying and assisting disabled persons, or patrol dogs accompanying police officers.

Where there seems to be some discretion by the restaurant is at outside tables.  Because the specific language states “enter into or remain in” it could be argued that having a dog at a table outside is ok, if the restaurant is willing. So if a restaurant tells you that dogs are not allowed at their outside tables due to city law, well it just may not be an accurate statement. But by no means do they have to allow a non-service dog a these tables either. It’s up to the restaurant.

Here is more dog law in New York City.