Therapy dogs help kids to read in NYC

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Another use for therapy dogs is underway in New York City with the R.E.A.D. literacy program, which helps kids learn to read in the presence of a dog. Basically the concept is that the dog gets the kid’s attention in a different way than a typical class environment, and then the kid reads to the dog, who is a non-judgmental listener and doesn’t care if the kid makes mistakes, allowing the kid to relax while learning to read. According to a myfoxny piece, the program is currently in 11 New York City public libraries and some public schools as well.

They glow when they come in here and see the dog,” said therapy dog owner Molly Mundy . “When youngsters read to dogs their blood pressure goes down, and they get interested in the dogs and they know that they’re a better reader than the dog is.

Here is a video on the program from
Therapy dogs help kids to read

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