The single dog – What’s the ratio of male to female dogs in NYC?

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There’s always a lot of discussion in the NYC dating scene about the ratio of single women to single men in this city. Most reports suggest that there are a lot more single women than men. At least one says there are more single men (18-34) than single women of the same age group. Well what about the dogs? We took a look at the WNYC dog license data to see what the situation is among our canines in different zip codes in the city.

Turns out that almost every neighborhood in Manhattan has more male dogs than female dogs, making it a pretty good place to live for the single female (or gay male) pooch. The female canines did outnumber the males on the southern third of Central Park (these smart female dogs certainly know premier Manhattan real estate).

We are curious though – does anyone know why there are more female dogs than male dogs in NYC? Send your thoughts to (or comment below).

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The single dog - What's the ratio of male to female dogs in NYC?, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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