A sunny cruise on the Staten Island Ferry with your dog

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Logan SI Ferry 2 BF

by Breanna Foister, Contributing Writer

Public transportation is likely the last place you’d choose to spend a sunny afternoon with your dog.  However, if you enjoy fresh air, leisurely rides on the water, and low-key sight seeing, I urge you and your furry buddy to check out the Staten Island Ferry (http://www.siferry.com/).

We walked our greyhound, Logan, down to the ferry from our apartment in the West Village via Hudson River Park (http://www.hudsonriverpark.org/).  This pedestrian walkway follows the water all the way down to the tip of Manhattan, and it’s studded with gardens, dog runs, playgrounds, and piers the whole way.

The ferry runs every half hour, and more frequently during weekday morning and evening rushes.  It’s FREE.  Technically, pets have to wear muzzles.  But shortly after we boarded for, ferry staff gave us permission to remove Logan’s Hannibal Lecter mask.  Ferry rules also require all passengers to exit upon embarking.  You can either explore Staten Island, or board the next Manhattan-bound ferry for some more quality sit-with-your-dog-on-a-boat time (this is what we did).

The close up view of the Statue of Liberty makes up for this small inconvenience.  It also makes this excursion great for out-of-town visitors.  We made friends with a family of tourists who missed their greyhound back at home.  Logan was happy to socialize and get some extra loving.

If daytime cocktails are your style, there’s a bar on board.  (And remember, pockets are great for carrying flasks as well as dog treats.)  Forget about commuting and stroll on down to the Staten Island Ferry.  You’re in for a lovely, low budget, dog friendly cruise.


A sunny cruise on the Staten Island Ferry with your dog, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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