Stuyvesant Square Park Dog Run

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  • Stuyvesant Square Park Dog Run: Located near 15th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue

    stuyvesant dog park

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Stuyvesant Square Park Dog Run, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

2 comments to Stuyvesant Square Park Dog Run

  • Joe Lefkowitz

    The park used to be a beautiful, peaceful environment for both dogs and their owners. Now you will find a group of people who disobey the new non-smoking laws of NYC in parks, drink alcohol out of coffee cups and let their mutts run wild…. It is a sad scene especially on Thursday and Friday early evenings…How sad…

  • Ellery Kurtz

    It is nice to hear that there are people who care. There are a lot of humans who go to this park on a daily basis that care very much about the park. Rules are clearly posted on the run entrance as well as the park entrance about smoking and food. Some people will choose to disregard any posted rules. The only way to see that these rules are followed is through peer pressure (approach people in groups and be civil) and/or asking Parks Department to have the PET Patrol (Parks Enforcement) come by at random times to issue summons to offenders who smoke. Other problems are worse though… about those who don’t pick up after their pets leaving a lot of poop around? How about those who don’t care about posted hours and use the park as a dog run whenever they feel like it regardless of the allotted hours? PET could issue “off leash” summonses to offenders…that is costly!
    Maybe you aren’t aware but there is a strong volunteer group that cleans up poop every morning and tends to small repairs to fences and gates when needed. There is a FB page you can join to find out all about what is going on at the run:
    “SPDOG Stuyvesant Park Dog Owners Group”.
    Rules are great, but only if people actually read them and obey them.