East Village entrepreneur creates glove shaped dog Poop Mitts

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poop mittsAfter years of fumbling with different bags and solutions for picking up dog waste, East Village entrepreneur Pablo Galarza created glove shaped Poop Mitts, with a thumb and all, to make the task a bit easier.

“I’ve literally tried every type of bag to pick up dog waste and I found having access to your thumb really helps,” says Pablo Galarza.

We tried them for a week and it’s definitely true that the opposable thumb really helps out for picking up dog poop. However somewhat different than other bags, we found it easier to throw away the poop and then the glove rather than taking the glove off with the poop still in your hand, because the width of the glove does not easily get around a larger poop pile when taking it off to throw it away. Overall they are really on to something here.

They have been giving out free samples, so check their Twitter for that. You can also buy some yourself at http://shop.puppydogproducts.com/main.sc.

East Village entrepreneur creates glove shaped dog Poop Mitts, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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