Having a dog correlated with lower heart disease rates

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Via the New York Times, we learn that the American Heart Association has suggested that having a dog is ‘likely associated with lower heart disease risk’. Dr. Levine, professor at the Baylor College of Medicine said “…there are plausible psychological, sociological and physiological reasons to believe that pet ownership might actually have a causal role in decreasing cardiovascular risk.” Dr. Levine also stated that “Several studies showed that dogs decreased the body’s reaction to stress, with a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline-like hormone release when a pet is present as opposed to when a pet is not present“.

What’s unclear is whether healthier people are more likely to adopt dogs and are thus naturally less inclined towards heart disease anyway.

Read the full article at well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/09/heart-association-weighs-in-on-pets, or check out this video put together by the American Heart Association.

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