Taking your dog art gallery hopping in Chelsea

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by Breanna Foister, Contributing Writer

Obedience school will teach your dog many valuable things, but an appreciation for art and culture is not one of them. It’s up to you to expose your furry friend to the vast array of creativity New York has to offer.

BF chelsea galleryAnd hey, maybe you wouldn’t mind boning up on the contemporary art world yourself. Skip the big museums and their big ticket prices, leash up your dog, and stroll on down to the Chelsea galleries.

There are plenty to choose from. Between 10th and 11th Avenues and roughly 19th and 28th Streets, small private galleries abound. The exhibitions are as diverse as the owners. These large, open, not-too-crowded spaces make for a leisurely and interesting afternoon your pet can share.

We particularly enjoy the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Mr. Levine’s focus on pop and street artists always yields fascinating exhibits and engaging special events. Pace Prints is another favorite.

Unfortunately, dogs are still not allowed on the nearby Highline Park. But you probably don’t want to deal with those throngs of tourists, anyway. Instead, when you’re finished gallery hopping, walk your dog along the water at the Hudson River Park. Enjoy your afternoon of fresh air and fresh art!

(Most galleries seem very dog-friendly, and the writer has never been turned away with her greyhound, but of course be respectful. You can check out the location of specific art galleries and their current exhibits at http://chelseagallerymap.com/.)

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