Springs Dog Park in the Hamptons offers 20+ acres of dog friendly outdoor space

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springs dog park

springs dog park main field

If you are out in the Hamptons this summer (or any time of year), the Springs Dog Park in East Hampton is a huge dog park, possibly the largest in the country. The full park is 42 acres, but they allow half of that to be used by the public with dogs.

You will find 3 main trails, and a giant grass field (think soccer field size) at the far end (see photo right). Dogs can be off leash the whole time and there are always locals and vacationers with their dogs at the park. Our border collie mix loves it there, and gets visibly and audibly excited trying to sniff out the car window as we get closer to the park.

We typically walk in the front gate and let our dog play in the first open area for a bit, and then walk down the main trail all the way down to the open field. it’s a great spot for dogs to run an play and we have certainly thrown the ball around here for our dog. We then walk back one of the side trails. Expect to spend at least 30-60 minutes there to cover the park, depending on how much your dog likes to play.

directions to springs dog park

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Getting there: Warning – It’s a little hard to find since the entrance road is unnamed. It’s off of 3 Mile Harbor Hog Creek Road, officially in Springs, NY, 11937 and between Whipple Road and Gann Road. Look for the green sign on the side of the road which says “Springs Park”.

It’s very hard to see the sign if you are driving from the north so it may take a second pass to get there. At the green sign turn in and and drive as far as you can (about .5 miles) until you see the dog park gate. There are spots for probably 20 cars and we have never had an issue with parking.

It’s probably too long as a day trip from New York City (about 106 miles) but a great spot to let your dog run around while out east.

Tips: Bring your own waste bags and water, as I have yet to see either there, but they do have trash cans throughout the park. Also, note that tick season is very bad this year, so be prepared. Protect yourself by stating on the main trails and fields and wear long light clothing and check yourself. For your dog, try any of these tick prevention options and absolutely check your dog thoroughly every day they are out there, especially in the armpits, belly, groin, ear area, and paws. Some of the ticks are size of a poppyseed, so be very careful. Bring water for yourself and your dog.

The park is great from late fall through late winter too, when the tick threat is much lower.

springs dog park trail

Springs Dog Park in the Hamptons offers 20+ acres of dog friendly outdoor space, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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