Dogcation: Escape to the Catskills With Your Canine

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by Rainbow Kirby, Contributing Writer

When the city begins to feel claustrophobic and your dog is whining for more running room and bark to chew on, venture to the Catskills. An hour to an hour and a half outside of the city, and you’ll find more than enough trees for everyone.

How to get there: Having a car is optimal.  Zipcar is my preference for weekend getaways. Just lay down a dog seat car protector so you’re not vacuuming dog hair upon your return.

Where to stay: My pup Cosimo is a 115 lb. Cane Corso and a hotel room is not roomy enough for the three of us (boyfriend included). When it’s dogcation planning time, I search online for a cabin to rent. Check out Airbnb for a week and/or weekend rental that is affordable and pet-friendly. You can find cabins for $150-$200/night.

This is the cabin we rented in Chichester, which was set on a few acres with a stream and swimming hole in the back.  Cosimo ran through the rocks, water and woods like a toddler at the playground.


Besides the run of the property, you can take your canine for a hike up Overlook Mountain and Echo Lake.

Wear comfortable sneakers, water (or wine) and snacks. There is no food stand at the top but an amazing view. Your dog will most likely beat you to the top!


The area is rustic and you are also close (15-20 mins.) to Hunter Mountain and Woodstock, which are both must-see attractions.  For Hunter, your dog friend should stay back at the lodge, while the town of Woodstock is very dog friendly. It’s an artsy village with lots of outdoor cafes and little shops.

And yes, Cosimo and I are lobbying for a name change to — the Dogskills.

Dogcation: Escape to the Catskills With Your Canine, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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