For fine art featuring dogs, visit the William Secord Gallery on the Upper East Side

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Did you know that right here in Manhattan we have the only fine art gallery in the United States that exclusively features dogs in nineteenth and early twentieth century paintings (and a few hand-picked contemporary artists)?

The William Secord Gallery ( on the Upper East Side (52 East 76th Street between Madison and Park Avenue) holds an incredible collection of dog paintings (and some bronzes and works on paper) and was founded by the leading expert in this niche, William Secord (Author of Dog Painting: A History of the Dog in Art and The American Dog at Home: The Dog Portraits of Christine Merrill). Artists with works in the gallery include Richard Ansdell, Thomas Blinks, Rosa Bonheur, Lilian Cheviot, Alfred de Dreux, Alfred Duke, George Earl, Maud Earl, Thomas Earl and many more.

Want a sneak preview?

You (and your dog!) can visit the gallery Monday-Saturday from 10-5pm although during the summer months the gallery is open Monday-Friday from 10-5pm. (They even have water and biscuits for your dog.)


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