Free dog event today in Tompkins Square Park – the Beneful Play Date Tour with Nate Berkus

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There is a free dog event in Tompkins Square Park (Avenue A between  7th Street and 10th Street) today (August 8th) from 5-7pm. It’s the Beneful Play Date Tour with Nate Berkus and there will be activities that owners can play with their dogs for prizes, plus goody bags for all attendees (while supplies last).

The contests include:

  • Spoon Races – Dog-owner teams compete for prizes as the owner helps his buddy navigate an obstacle course while carrying a tennis ball on a spoon
  • Toss & Fetch – This game of skill invites owners to throw a tennis ball through a series of hoops, with the chance to get bonus prizes if their dog retrieves the ball
  • Squeaky Toy Pit – Dogs will have a woof-worthy good time trying to find delicious dog snacks hidden in a pit filled with tennis balls
  • Water Misters – Four- and two-legged guests can keep cool with everyone’s favorite childhood game of running through sprinklers

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