DogSpin Reviews: Dogwell’s new Livefree ultra-low glycemic, grain-free dog food

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dogswell livefree chickenWe are often reluctant to review dog food, because a) we can’t taste it ourselves, and b) we are not going to write a review of any sub-standard dog food that we receive. But we have always liked the Dogswell Vitality Jerky Chicken since they look like and literally are just dehydrated chicken breasts.

So we were certainly intrigued by one of the latest dog foods to hit the market, the ultra-low glycemic, grain-free, potato-free dog food called Livefree by Dogswell. We had our dog try the cage-free chicken dry dog food, which is high in protein (chicken is the number one ingredient) and low glycemic (10 rating). They did it by avoiding grains and potatoes and instead using chickpeas and peas. There is no corn, soy, gluten, tapioca, BHA/BHT, added hormones, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and the food is made in the USA. They do also mix in their natural Digestibits, which are a combo of pumpkin, eggs, probiotics, and 11 antioxidant rich fruits and veggies.

It all sounds good and healthy, but we put it to the ultimate test as well – what would our dog think about it? A few years back, once our dog realized that there was more food options in life than dry kibble (which was what she had exclusively as a young puppy), we found she reluctantly would eat dry food and often would go on a ‘hunger strike’ if there wasn’t something else good mixed in. With a bowl of just dry food of the brand we use in front of her, she sort of looks up as if to say “that’s it?” and sometimes just won’t eat it at first.

The Dogswell dehydrated chicken

The Dogswell dehydrated chicken

So the ultimate test for the new Livefree dry chicken recipe dog food was to pour it in a bowl alone, and see what happens. Surprisingly, our dog didn’t hesitate to quickly chow it down. We had not seen such interest in dry dog food be her in years. I can only suspect it tastes more like real food, chicken in this case, than the brand we currently use. To know she loves it and it is good for her is a great thing.

Now the hard part – finding it. It’s so new that it is not yet in the big online dog stores, and it is also in very few local pet stores. Try to find one that carries this new premium dog food.


DogSpin Reviews: Dogwell's new Livefree ultra-low glycemic, grain-free dog food, 4.2 out of 5 based on 15 ratings

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