‘Impossible’ to Destroy Dog Toys

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Impossible to Destroy Dog Toys

Ok, so maybe “impossible to destroy” is a tiny exaggeration. But at least these toys will give a dog with heavy jaws and an insatiable knack for “the chew” a run for their money. Different from the squeaky cloth animals and the little rawhide bones they typically tear apart in under 3 minutes, the following should last your dog at least a month, and force them to put up a bit of a fight.

1) Real bone

Anything made of REAL bone, whether it’s bleached or not, is going to be very hard for your dog to chew. And he/she will love it! Check with your vet, but there should be nothing wrong with this option in terms of safety, either. Real bones are so hard, your dog can actually only shave off small bits of it with their teeth, which will mostly get deposited on the floor of your home rather than in their stomach. It’s only when the bone gets small enough that it might be dangerous and could be swallowed that you should take it away. But that shouldn’t be very soon at all.

When purchasing a real bone for your dog, remember the bigger it is, the longer it’ll last. Also no chicken bones, nor other small bones. And cooked bones splinter much more easily, so don’t give cooked bones to them. Stick with uncooked bones.


2) Premier Busy Buddy Jack Dog Toy

This was the first toy that I ever saw a pitbull UNABLE to destroy in a whole month. It took her almost six months before she was able to disconnect all the parts, and still she played with the centerpiece.

The brilliance of the Busy Buddy is that its treats are circular, very thin, and very tightly smashed between two plastic knobs. For a dog to retrieve this type of treat, they must figure out how to chew each of the knobs in such a way that they break the treat. It’s not easy – even the smartest dog will be up for a challenge.

Also, when the treats do disappear, you can keep replacing them. The toy continues to amuse over time.

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