Dog Durability Test: Mighty Dog stuffed Dinosaur toy

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mighty dog dinosaurThis week we put another dog toy to the test of a big time chewer, to see how long it would take for it to be destroyed. The Mighty Jr. Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Dog Toy came with a tag that said “Rethink Durability” with a self-rated dura scale of 7. It’s a stuffed animal sewn multiple times, with a plush outside and fleece inside, filled with stuffing and a squeaker.

Appeal: It’s a cute toy that immediately got the attention of our dog, and she took it and lay down with it. Once she realized however that there was a squeaker, she wanted it out.

Strength: The dinosaur was complete ripped open within 7 minutes, stuffing all over the place. Within 15 minutes the squeaker was out.

Durability Assessment: Fail – We can not recommend this toy for big chewers. It is a nice looking toy though if your dog is not prone to chew. Next time we will have to test their dura scale 10 toys.

(This is part of an ongoing feature where we put so-called durable dog toys to the test. Have a toy for us to test? Email

mighty dog dinosaur destroyed

7 minutes later

Dog Durability Test: Mighty Dog stuffed Dinosaur toy, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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