Dog Runs & Parks

Here is a map and list of all of the New York City Dog Runs & Parks that we know about (Manhattan only for now).

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Dog runs in Manhattan below 14th Street:

  • Washington Square Park Dog Run BF11Washington Square Dog Run: Dog run is located in the southwest corner of Washington Square Park (at West 4th Street and Macdougal Street). Also called George’s Dog Run, this park is spacious, friendly, and situated in the heart of Greenwich Village. Construction on the south side of the park is unsightly, but if you face north you’ll have a lovely view of the Washington Square Arch. Benches line the perimeter and the trees. The Robin Kovary Run for Small Dogs is entirely separate and lies a little farther east in the park.
    • Tips: The Mayor’s Alliance for Animals ( oftentimes collects donations right outside the run, so bring along extra pet supplies to share. Whenever you go, you’re likely to hear a variety of musicians playing in the park. This run does get muddy after heavy rains. Shovels and running water are provided.


  • Tomkins Square Park Dog Run BF2Tompkins Square Park: Located on 9th Street between Avenues A and B, the Tompkins Square Dog Run was New York City’s first dog park.  Also called First Run, this park is large and well drained on rainy days.  It has plenty of benches for people and a gated small dog area separated by a shady oak tree.  In the summer you’ll find pools for dogs to take a dip.


  • Leroy Street Dog Run BFHudson River Park (Greenwich Village) Dog Run (AKA Leroy Street Dog Run): Located in the Hudson River Park at Leroy Street (cross at Morton Street at Pier 40).  This is a spacious dog run overlooking the Hudson River.  There’s no separate area for small dogs, but there are plenty of benches lining the perimeter.  Take your pooch for a stroll along the river and make a pit stop in this friendly run.
    • Neighborhood: West Village
    • Ground: Cement
    • Park Website:
    • Yelp Review:
    • Notes: This dog run along the Hudson River Parkway features running water during the warmer months, and is cleaned daily. It’s way west, but once you are over there you can walk up and down the Westside Hudson River Parkway, which goes from battery Park City up to at least 59th Street. You can even hit multiple dog runs along the way including this one, the Chelsea Waterside Park and the Pier 84 dog run. There’s a dog-friendly lawn right outside the entrance of the run (leash required).  Inside the run, there’s a pool and running water in the summer months.  Shovels are provided.  The recently repaired street lamps surrounding the run make nighttime visits pleasant as well.
  • wvdog dog run west village smallWest Village D.O.G (WVDOG)MEMBERSHIP Required! Located at Little West 12th Street between Washington Street and 10th Avenue
    • Neighborhood: West Village / Meatpacking District
    • Ground: Soft Asphalt
    • Park Website:
    • Notes: This is a public dog run BUT it requires membership ($75 per year) and memberships each summer are limited on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s open 24 hours a day, every day. There are benches and a water hose.


  • Mercer Houston Dog runMercer/Houston Dog Run (MHDRA): MEMBERSHIP Required! Located at Mercer Street and Houston Street, this medium-sized private dog run has a few benches and trees and a hose for water.


  • Warren Street Dog ParkWarren Street Dog Park: Dog run is located on Warren Street between West Street and Greenwich Street and is a members only dog park.
    • Neighborhood: Tribeca
    • Ground: Pavement
    • Park Website:
    • Notes: Membership is currently $120/year and you must apply at The dog run is cleaned daily and features benches for people and a couple platforms for dogs to walk on. There is not a lot of shade except from neighboring buildings.


  • Coleman Oval Park dog run smallColeman Oval Dog Park: Located between Pike and Market Streets, near Monroe/Cherry streets.



  • Sirius dog run smallSirius Dog Run on Kowsky Plaza: Dog run is located on Kowsky Plaza, which is west of Liberty Street and east of Esplanade on the roof of an old pumping station. The dog run is named after a yellow lab that died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. He was an explosives specialist and reportedly had over 400 people at his funeral.

Dog runs in Manhattan between 14th-59th Street


  • Hudson River dog park North chelsea 1Hudson River Park (North Chelsea) Dog RunLocated at Pier 84 near West 44th Street. This is a smaller run but right on the water and right next to the USS Intrepid. What other dog run can say that?
    • Neighborhood: Midtown West
    • Ground: Hard surface with drainage
    • Park Website:
    • Yelp Review:
    • Notes: Tips: Yes, that is the USS Intrepid next to the dog run. There is an indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar called P.D. O’Hurleys right outside of the dog run where you can grab some food and drink. Running water is provided in warmer months. It’s way west, but once you are over there you can walk up and down the Westside Hudson River Parkway, which goes from battery Park City up to at least 59th Street. You can even hit multiple dog runs along the way including this one, the Chelsea Waterside Park and the Leroy Street Dog Run.






  • madison square parkMadison Square Park Dog Run: Located in Madison Square Park near 5th Avenue and 24th street. Also known as Jemmy’s Dog Run. This is a nice dog run on the west side of Madison Square Park that is fairly large in size and has two sections. Note that dogs are not allowed on the grass lawns (even on leash) in Madison Square Park, just in the dog run.
    • Neighborhood: Flatiron, Madison Square Park, Gramercy, Nomad
    • Ground: Gravel and dirt
    • Park Website:
    • Yelp Review:
    • Notes: The run can get muddy so it is not a great spot to go after heavy rains. They supply waste bags in the dog run and there are benches with umbrellas. The backdrop of the architecturally stunning Flatiron Building and the Met Life Clock Tower add to the atmosphere and of course there is the Shake Shack right there in Madison Square Park where you can pick up some lunch for yourself and a special Pooch-ini treat for your dog. The dog run hours are the same as Madison Square Park (~6am-11pm)







Dog runs in Manhattan, from 59th-110th Street

  • central park dogs 2Central Park for dogs (off leash): One of the most fun things to do with your dog is to take them up to Central Park, and before 9am and after 9pm dogs are allowed to be off leash. There are some amazing fields and knolls that are perfect for dogs to run around and play. Dogs LOVE it! Do be careful since active roads surround Central Park, and some of the interior roads are used by cars and bikes.


Dog Runs in Manhattan above 110th Street